"Calling Only the Serious List Building Lifestyle List Builder. Are you a student with Igor in the 301K Challenge?

Can I team up with You to PROMOTE the 301 K Challenge while building YOUR EMAIL LIST?"

IIgor has given us an Awesome Opportunity, We should take Every Advantage of it

Hey, I wanted to add to this tremendous offer before you push the button below.

Imagine having the complete 301K funnel for your own and start-up traffic to go with it.

You heard right...

The first optin page,

the second bridge page,

and connection to the next page ...

all yours ready to go.

In fact, I am working with graduating students to help them get traffic...

Sign up for my traffic, complete the form and after your purchase

I will deliver these to you, it's a...

"...No Brainer!"

301k Epic Challenge

See what our clients say.

Salt Mine Traffic

"I've ordered 500 clicks from Jon and received quality traffic. In addition, he also helped me with my Squeeze Page. I was dreading that step because I just did not know where to start. Jon helped me out. He outperformed what I expected. I would recommend him!"

Tom Gerald, Entrepreneur Success Online

"I am a repeat customer of Jon's. He always treats you right. Good flow. More than he promises. You always know what to expect. Does what he says. No need to beat him. Better check him out, he has good people."

Wayne Patel Business Owner (Online Marketing Int'l)

"What a help to find a traffic supplier with an uncomplicated approach. Follow the four steps, Check. Take care of the kids, Check. Read the followup report, Check. Jon's traffic is the real deal without the hassle."

Chris Grant, Part Time Business Full Time Mom

My Name is Jon Condit. I have been promoting Igors offers for several years.

I started just where you are now. New to the niche. Eagar to learn. I thought all I needed was an affiliate link and some people to send to it.

I was a slow learner. But with Igor's help, I discovered the error of my ways.

Let's Not repeat my mistakes.

I invested a treasure chest of money by the time I learned from the master...

I bought courses, software programs, attended seminars all to educate myself on becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

I tried creating an online store. Floors are clean but nobody came. I tried blogging. My head hurt trying to think of what to say to convince others to read the topics I was writing about. A motor mouth I am not.

Each of these methods was an attempt to get other people interested in a topic so the conversation could be steered toward that product sale.

Social media posting is foreign to me. I feel like a jackrabbit in a circus when I am trying to keep up with all the happenings. Not a business model for me.

Thanks to Igor's training all that is in the past.

As you know;

The beginning of a successful campaign starts with an enticing optin page. It creates curiosity and causes the visitor to only imagine what is behind the door.

As Igor has taught us an irresistible bridge page that redirects their thinking toward the offer we are about to make is key.

Traffic is the third ingredient to the successful offer.

That's why as soon as I pop back up from my saltwater therapy I want to join up with you to discuss how Salt Mine Traffic can partner with you for a successful campaign.

I want to review your funnel with you. I want to be sure your setup is optimized before we send any visitors thru.

Let's test each component analyzing it's effectiveness. Let's optimize these to maximize your success.

If we determine that there is a component that needs addressing we will stop and fix it before we move forward.

If you need assistance with these I am available. If I cannot do it myself I have access to others who have been in the same position themselves. We are here to help each other.

Then before any traffic flows we will craft a delicious piece of email copy that will draw attention to your optin page to send to my list of email followers. Our goal will be to entice a group of my people to explore your offer and join your email list.

In reality, we don't know if sales will occur in this process. That is not our first goal. Instead, we will focus on the number that we can get onto your email list. I cannot promise sales. I would be cautious with any solo ad seller that says he guarantees sales. Despite that, we may achieve our secondary goal (a purchase of your offer) anyway. When we do we both will celebrate.

I want you to be successful in your promotions. I want to be considered a partner in your success.

I will work hard to ensure you receive genuine real traffic. In place will be several filters to block fake clicks, bots, server-generated quires and bad actors. I will be sending you at least 80 percent tier one traffic. If you desire we can even tweak that up to 100% tier one traffic.

45 Feet of Calm

Responsive support

I am interested in your success. I am able to support you beyond "traffic." If you need help with your marketing campaigns, email swipes, landing pages and more - let's chat, I can help.

First time buyers get VIP treatment

If you're a first time customer, you qualify for the "first timer's" discount. That's my way of saying hello and getting to know my service

Time sensitive delivery

I run a tight ship I won't miss a deadline. Your campaign will start and finish on time. There's diving to do. Fish to see.

Free Solo Ad Copy

Fingers stuck on the keyboard? I know how you feel. Been there too. Hey let me write a great solo ad promo for your? I got you covered. Just tell me what you're promoting and I'll put together a highly engaging email swipe for you at no extra charge. Your on my team.

Genuine People

Barnacles Not Allowed. I'm using industrial filters on the traffic I send to ensure real people arrive to your site. No bots, No fake clicks, real subscribers. And I will resend new ones if any make it through - for free. You get real clicks or you don't pay!

Detailed traffic report

The Fun does not stop at delivery. I will have for you a detailed report of your click campaign. I can also provide conversions if we set it up ahead of time. So upon completion of each campaign, you have an understanding of your investment!

My traffic is 80% top tier

English speaking, good credit, high-income earners describe the people on my email list. These are perfect qualifications for your audience as an email affiliate marketer. In summary, my Traffic is 80% + top tier.

I guarantee you will receive at least the amount of clicks you ordered or more.

The risk is on me. You will receive exactly what you pay for and probably more.

"First Timers" get 10% visitor bonus - On Me

So, when you Order 500 clicks, get 550. Order 1,000 clicks, get 1,100. No matter how many clicks you order, you'll receive 10% extra, if you're a first time customer to prove that I'm want to dive deep to make you happy.

Fill out my online form.


  •   I guarantee you will receive only genuine high-quality traffic without fake clicks. If some fake clicks breakthroughs, I will resend new clicks at no charge to you. You will receive genuine traffic or don’t pay!
  • I guarantee you will receive at least the number of clicks you ordered (probably more). If I discover you have gotten fewer clicks than promised, I will keep sending more subscribers until you receive what you paid for (probably more!).
  • I guarantee to work like a rented mule to ensure your satisfaction. I can’t guarantee sales, but I’ll do everything within my sphere of influence to bring you real traffic, on time and with enthusiasm. I will work with you to overcome any obstacles that may cross our path. We are in this together.


Salt Miner's Q and A Session

How much Traffic should I get?

I really want to discuss with you what your goals are and what has worked for you up to this point. If this is your first run with this funnel I would suggest we start with a low amount of clicks maybe 100 -200. Let's see what the optin rate is. The industry average is 30 percent. If yours is not obtaining that we will stop and find out why before we send more traffic. I have seen Igor consistently obtain rates above 50% so that will be a goal. If we reach that mark. I would say the optin page is tuned. From there we will increase the amount after we discuss it. We should even consider consistently and recurringly sending traffic to the funnel. I have some packages that can help with this. We will discuss it.

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. If you want to write your own email copy, Great! I will review it anyway. I want it to sound something like I talk to my folks. I may make some changes or even write it over in my own words. If you want me to write it altogether I am good with that also.  

Does it matter if I'm new to purchasing?

No. I will talk you through it every step of the way. If you are unsure of something we call a time out and discuss it. I want you to understand and learn the process as we go.

Does it matter if I'm not sure about my funnel components?

I'd say that is perfect. I become more worried with the people who "know it all" and are not open to suggestions. I am here to help not to tell you what you have to do.

When can I get started?

Right away! Well, as soon as we follow the process. It's kinda like a good dive. Get the equipment together, CHeck the components make sure it is doing what we think it is doing then Go! Same here. We will walk through the email copy, the optin page, make sure the autoresponder is connected and playing catch with the optin page. Double-check the email sequence is going to the correct list. See that the thank-you/bridge page receives us after we optin and finally we get handed off to Igor to do his magic. You know... RIght Away!

Does my Offer matter?

No, but I really want to help you with either the 301K Challenge or the Elite Affiliate Pro 2.0 offer.  We can send my traffic to any offer you would like in the make money online space.

Still, got questions?

I'll be happy to answer any of your questions. Just tell me your concern by completing the form on the right.

skype live:divemasterdo


Use Facebook messenger from Facebook page PM me saying you are one of Igor's students


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